1. Public Relations
    Luneckas Consulting helps you tell your company's story. With dynamic description and engaging story concepts for television, radio, internet, social and print media you'll get the coverage you deserve.
  2. Marketing Plans
    Our advertising designs and marketing concepts are fresh and unique. Full video production, website design, print layout, scripting for television or podcasts - if you're communicating with the public, Luneckas Consulting helps you win the business you want.
  3. Social Media
    Whether you're just getting started or having trouble getting results, Luneckas Consulting can help you meet your social media goals. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest,YouTube, Vimeo and more... contact us and get started!
  4. Brand Development
    Starting a new business? Does your established business need a new look? Luneckas Consulting can help guide and create your new logo design and identity materials that will help your business reach the next level.
  5. Video Production
    High-quality video services at affordable rates. We shoot, edit and publish video for broadcast, social media and online use. Tell the story of your business in HD video.
  6. Website Development
    When we take on a website project, we work hard to build a site that meets all of your online needs. We build for high-quality user experience (UX) and maximize SEO in the process. That means your site ranks higher organically - without paying per click.
  7. Copywriting
    We are expert copywriters. Luneckas Consulting delivers dynamic description and engaging copy for social media, television, radio and print media coverage and advertising that prompts action and improves your bottom line.
  8. Marketing Materials
    We work one-on-one with you to develop an innovative approach to your business needs. We can still create brochures, flyers, and posters along with today's electronic marketing methods. If you need it, we can do it.
  9. Political Campaigns
    Planning to run for office? Our campaign consultation is professional and effective. Email for references - hear from politicians we've worked with past.
  10. Presentations
    Luneckas Consulting can help take your presentation to a new level. Make bigger and better sales when you learn how to create the most effective messages and improve your skills. From organization to bullet points, we can make it easy for you.
  11. Seminars
    Our Public Speaking Seminar is perfect for professionals of all levels who make presentations or deliver speeches. In each session, the level of the course is customized to the speaking ability of the participants.
  12. Event Planning
    Relax. Luneckas Consulting can make sure your event goes smoothly, We have the organizational skills and local contacts to allow you to enjoy your event while we manage the details.