About Luneckas Consulting
Owner and Consultant, Lezli Luneckas Broomhall, wants to help your organization thrive. From her initial, "How can we help?" to the moment your projects are complete and your campaign successful - Lezli and her team work to create original, effective and successful public relations and marketing plans for clients. 

At Luneckas Consulting new ideas lead to better business. We bring expert artists, writers, developers, organizers and creative minds required to make your marketing project, public relations campaign or event a success. Every team is is formed with your specific needs in mind, and every project is overseen by Lezli - who ensures client goals and deadlines are met.

Luneckas Consulting provides you with experts. In social media, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), promotion, community relations, public speaking, marketing and graphic design. We work with you to develop concepts, designs, programs and plans that set your campaign or company ahead of the competition.

Websites and applications should be developed to operate with seamless user interface (UI) and designed with high quality user experience (UX). We build websites with SEO in mind - for every title, image and block of text. Luneckas Consulting can elevate your organic rankings without requiring that you pay per click. You save money and still get results. 

We are expert copywriters. Luneckas Consulting creates effective content for websites, blogs, social media messages, advertising materials, marketing plans and public relations campaigns. Our clients benefit from dynamic description and engaging story concepts for online media, television, radio and print media coverage. 

Our seminars give you keys to success. Lezli offers more than instruction and guidance. Real, personal attention provides you with an opportunity to enhance your social media presence or presentation organization and delivery.  

You can hire an award-winning, internationally published journalist, former television news anchor and reporter, SEO professional and social media master to join your organization as a consultant. Then, Lezli and her team will work to make your business and what you communicate the very best it can be.